"Invest the time to understand your client"

Frifay offers a One-Stop-Shop for your needs of American products Made in USA including but not limited to Cosmetics, Personal Hygiene, General Merchandise, Non-Prescription Color Contacts, and much more.

Frifay is an American multinational franchising company headquartered in Beverly Hills, California.  The company is tailored to clients who are looking for a company who invest time in understanding the clients business and thus provide personalized services to ensure client needs have been adopted.  The company specializes in identifying perspective investors, granting and managing master franchise agreements and service third party unit franchises.   In addition, our team is dedicated to develop small business entrepreneurs in the food and beverage industry into a recognized international brand.


Frifay can represent your company and approach American Companies specializes in Cosmetics, Clothing, Personal Hygiene, etc, just a few to mention; and explore exclusive agreements, distribution right opportunities for your home country.   

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